The Anatomy of Accreditation Software

Our team has built numerous custom accreditation software systems over the years. We challenged ourselves to build the first-ever subscription system for the higher education accreditation market. Here's how we did it. 

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7 Traits of an Exceptional Software Project Manager

The tech business is an awesome place to be these days. You can build incredible apps that are fun and easy to use, or complex software systems that fill gaps and solve big problems. Being a technologist gives me and my team the opportunity to educate those that aren't as comfortable in tech. The majority of our product buyers are in the accreditation industry and when making major software purchases, most of the individuals we meet are methodical in their questioning because this is the nature of those working in that field. As a software company, we know that when initial discussions begin with a prospect, the typical questions arise.


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Turnover Isn’t Always Bad

It’s no secret that our company had high turnover in 2014. Why? Because our goal was to have a team that believed in a good culture, that held themselves accountable, and were customer evangelists. While we hired a full stack team in the early stages of our startup, we realized that most of the staff didn’t share the same vision. When that hit like a beacon in the night, we knew it was time for a complete overhaul.

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10 Best Travel Apps for 2015

Smartphones have made travel incredibly easy these days. The explosion of mobile apps has given us the ability to travel with very little baggage – which I absolutely love, because I’m on the road a lot meeting with accreditors all over the United States and Canada. Whether you are a volunteer or evaluator for an accreditation agency, jet setter, business flier or novice traveler, the mobile app revolution might be the best thing to happen to travelers since the invention of the automobile. My love for technology and user experience drives my passion for great apps to utilize. So, here is a list of my favorites to make your next trip that much easier.

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Canned vs. Custom: What Software Solution Is Right for You?

If there is anyone who understands the pain accrediting agencies feel, it’s me. Naturally, the people who work for those agencies feel the pain more acutely, but for the past 15 years, I’ve watched many accrediting agencies agonize over manual, inefficient processes. I’ve seen organizations use up to eight different types of software to house and share data—or different divisions within the same company use discrete, unintegrated platforms. Much like you’re wondering right now, I often thought, “Why in the world would any organization want to house data in unconnected systems, instead of one that covers the entire workflow of an organization?”

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Prototyping Is the New Wireframe

Software developers know the difficulties and shortcomings of identifying requirements and translating them into wireframes. Clients have a hard time visualizing how a living, complex application or platform will function, based on a static, 2D frames.

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